Monday, April 15, 2013

RUNNERS UNITE - A Time to Stand Strong

RUNNERS UNITE: As a leader and friend to runners and runners' families and supporters across the nation, I want to express my deepest sympathies in this tragic incident that happened today in Boston. This is a time to unite and stand strong.  This act was cowardly, by someone very sick in the brain.  This is a reminder that EACH and every one of you make a difference, whether a small act or big, a smile, a helping hand, or even a simple act of kindness   or compassion to let someone know you care.  Sometimes we don't think about how the smallest little thing can mean so much to another.  I just wanted to let all you runners know that you and your families were on my heart today.  There should be no recognition of this coward, but I'd like to recognize all the runners and supporters who ran Boston today, whether you were able to finish or not finish, and all those that made a difference in the lives of those caught in the tragedy today, firefighters, police, government, volunteers, innocent by-standers lending a helping hand, medical personnel and so many more that deserve the true recognition on this day. I am proud to be a friend to all in the running community and inspired and humbled by so many of you.  So again, stand United, you ALL make a difference.

 ~ Nicole Blomgren, President of Fifty States HALF Marathon Club &

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